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The US regulator allowed Bitcoin derivatives trading

The US regulator allowed Bitcoin derivatives trading

The first regulated cryptocurrency derivative trades have taken place in the United States: there is a stock exchange, which deals with bitcoins.

LedgerX platform began to trade cryptocurrency derivatives. The resource is focused on Bitcoin derivatives trading. In July, it received the official license of the US Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Currently, 176 swaps and option contracts with a total value of $1m are available on the platform.

Derivative is a tool that allows investors to trade the asset indirectly. These include, in particular, futures and options. Today Bitcoin derivatives offer cryptocurrency funds or exchanges; LedgerX became the first platform in America, which does it legally, under a state license.

According to LedgerX CEO Paul Chou, LedgerX has set for America a new standard of transparency and supervision for trading with Bitcoin. Now traders and institutional investors are protected by additional guarantees when making their deals.

Currently, trading on LedgerX is made exclusively in BTC, although the exchange can add other crypto assets. LedgerX also does not rule out partnerships with other organizations whose business is related to investments and cryptocurrency, including hedge funds and mining companies.


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